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Hong Kong Laundry Market Demand Analysis

•    Great demands for laundry service due to the overcrowded living environment and inadequate laundry and sun-drying space
•    People work for long hours leading to a high demand of 24-hour laundry shops
•   Growing demand from young people 
•    Versatile and new clothing materials give rise to demand for professional laundry services
•    People have higher expectations on household hygiene than before, raising the demand on laundry service

Benefits of Joining Sunshine 24

•    Sunshine 24 integrates both self-service laundry service and electronic locker drop-off service to appeal to different customer segments 
•    “Self-serve” business concept reduces labor cost and management complexity
•    The shop opens 24/7 all the year-round, assuring continuous revenues
•    Strong promotion support by Sunshine Group to expand customer base
•    Hands-on trainings will be provided by management with over 20 years of laundry service experience
•    Supported by our laundry factory with more than 20,000 sq. ft. floor areas and advanced professional laundry devices
•    Machinery installment plan to reduce start-up costs, making this business more affordable and attractive

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