About Us - Terms and Conditions

Self-serve Laundry & Choo Choo eBox

  1. Sunshine 24 will not be responsible for laundry bleeding, shrinking, fading, buttons falling off, beads coming loose, seam coming undone, or otherwise becoming altered or becoming worn out by the normal wash-and-dry laundry process. 
  2. Please check your items at the store carefully.  Sunshine 24 will not be held liable for item(s) once taken out of the store.
  3. In the rare instance that your garment is lost or damaged, the maximum liability is five-times the laundry cost disregard of the value of the garment.  The damaged garment will be returned to Sunshine 24 for claim processing.
  4. Sunshine 24 will not be held responsible for valuable items left inside pockets or in the laundry bag.
  5. For irresistible damages caused by insects, natural disasters, social riots, war, fire or accidents, Sunshine 24 will not be held liable.
  6. Sunshine 24 has purchased insurance to cover liability up to five times the laundry cost.  If extra insurance is required, the customer has to pay for the additional premium cost.  The laundry cost might be increased at the discretion of Sunshine 24.
  7. Choo Choo eBox receipt and pick-up SMS (with password and QR code) are only valid for 14 days.
  8. Since the system has sent the customer a pick-up SMS, the customer has 24 hours to collect the laundry from the Choo Choo eBox.  A daily penalty of $24 will be charged for every 24 hours of late collection.  Sunshine 24 will not be held liable for any item(s) damaged, lost or donated to charity after the thirty (30) day time period.